The gate or wicket and the fence can be compared to the business card of the property. These elements should therefore be aesthetically pleasing and match the place where they are installed. At the same time, gates used even several times a day must perfectly fulfill their function and guarantee reliability. Therefore, gates and fences offered by us are nice and made with the utmost care.

One of the main advantages of metal gates and fences is their strength and resistance to mechanical damage. Their universal appearance makes them fit well with both traditional and modern architecture.

When designing and creating metal gates, we make sure that they harmonize with other elements made of the same materials, such as balcony or terrace railings. We also take into consideration specificity of the surroundings - type of access road or area adjacent to the property.

Gates and metal fences offered by us are fully made of steel material. Supporting structure and filling may contain classical patterns such as: vertical bars ending in grottos, plant and flower compositions, decorations in form of animals or birds. We can also use prefabricated decorative elements.

Depending on needs and expectations of investor, we can make single and double-leaf gates, tilting or sliding and opened manually or automatically. Regardless of version, they are easy to operate, nice and durable.

We guarantee the highest quality and durability of offered gates and fences. They are hot dip galvanized and powder coated, which protects them from corrosion for many years. We provide comprehensive service including design, measurements, execution, transport and assembly. We always take care of the customer's needs and expectations, matching the final product to them. Our gates and fences are made individually, to size, which allows us to maintain high care and attention to detail.