Stainless steel balustrades are elegant products that perfectly complement arrangements in various styles. Due to their nice appearance and high aesthetics, they can be adjusted to almost any interior and facade. However, shiny, glossy stainless steel balustrades look best when combined with modern constructions.

Stainless balustrade is ideal for outdoor use: on stairs, balconies, terraces. It is a very durable construction, which can withstand many years of intensive use. Stainless steel, from which we make this type of railings, is a material extremely resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. Stable, rigid construction is not damaged by either low or very high temperatures (even fire), strong wind, heavy rainfall, snow even hail, as well as UV radiation. This solution also works great inside buildings, including public buildings such as offices, hospitals or schools. Stainless balustrades are not only durable, but also easy to keep clean. They do not soak up, do not absorb odors, are resistant to high humidity, mold and other types of fungi.

The advantage of stainless railings offered by our company is the possibility to combine the metal structure with other raw materials, such as wood or glass. This allows you to create an aesthetic protection, matching the appearance of the environment in which they are installed. Additional components can complement both the base structure and the filling. Among the materials that can be used in the production of such a barrier, apart from the already mentioned wood and glass, are aluminium, grids, perforated sheets and profiles.

Stainless balustrades can be decorated with any patterns. Steel elements can be sanded, glossy or matte finish. If necessary, we are able to paint the balustrade in any colour.