The property fence, gate or wicket is often the first thing visitors see. These elements can therefore be compared to the hosts' business card. Regardless of the material and style in which they are made, they should be aesthetically pleasing and fit to the place where they are installed. Modern gates and fences from our offer not only have an aesthetic function, but are also solid and durable.

Modern metal gates and fences are minimalistic, simple and available in wide range of colours. These features make the gates and fences of this type perfectly combine with modern buildings, and even become elements perfectly integrated with the property and the buildings located on it. We make sure that the fences offered by us are as well suited to the property as possible. Customers can choose the layout of profiles (vertical, horizontal, sloping, crossings, arches, combinations of patterns), their thickness, colour, as well as shapes and patterns of decorative elements (rosettes, grottos, geometric figures). It is also possible to combine different materials. Depending on the chosen filling, the fence or gate can only be a discreet, almost invisible barrier or almost completely cover what is on the other side.

The arrangement of profiles, ornaments, colour may refer to other elements on the property, for example the balcony balustrade on the building or details on the facade.

Similarly to the traditional gates and fences offered by our company, these modern ones are also solidly made constructions. They are perfectly protected against corrosion and are extremely tough.

During the cooperation we always take care about needs and expectations reported by the customer and we act in such a way that the final product is perfectly matched to them. We provide comprehensive service including design, measurement, execution, transport and assembly.