Aluminium gates and fences are a modern and elegant solution, which increasingly often replaces elements made of steel. This happens especially when openwork filling of the gate or fence bays is used.

Aluminium gate and fence is a very durable way of securing the property. Aluminium is a material associated with innovation. It is characterized by lightness and durability of construction. Simple and at the same time avant-garde look of fences made of this material makes them perfect for modern buildings, regardless of location or type of property. Aluminium fence is suitable both in the province and in the city centre, near the private house and around the company headquarters or office.

A great advantage of the fence made of aluminium is the multitude of possibilities of arrangement and protection of the property. Full or openwork profiles with a height of 20 to even 200 mm allow for almost any shape of the span filling density. Etched aluminium is powder coated in any colour from the RAL colour palette. It is also possible to obtain very fashionable wood-like surfaces. Additionally, fences of this type may have built-in lighting, which further increases their attractiveness and emphasizes their modern appearance.

Aluminium gates and fences we offer are very durable. This material perfectly tolerates even the most difficult weather conditions. In addition, it is lightweight, which makes it easy to transport and install the structures made of it.

For customers who decide to use aluminum fence we provide a comprehensive service, which consists of design, measurement, execution, transport and assembly.