The beginning of our company was a small workshop, one automatic welding machine and a drill received as a gift. However, passion and perseverance allowed us to develop our business and expand our workshop facilities, allowing us to produce to the highest standards.

With time, we have become a valued contractor of various metal elements. Our offer includes such products as: balustrades, gates, fences, bars, doors, platforms, terraces, stairs, halls, warehouses. We also deal with the execution of unusual metal structures, modern artistic smithery and renovations.

Smithery, dealing with such an artistic material as metal is not a profession for us, but a passion that drives and inspires us. We are constantly working on improving our skills.

Our strengths are experience, broad theoretical knowledge supported by years of practice and attention to precision and detail.

We design and build for private house owners, but we are also not afraid of larger investments, such as public or developer buildings. We also work for church institutions. We operate throughout the country. We also work abroad.

We approach every order professionally and responsibly. We respect our clients. We try to adapt to the requirements of investors, their recommendations and expectations. We meet the deadlines, while guaranteeing careful execution and the highest durability of our products.

We invite to cooperation anyone who can appreciate the beauty and aesthetics of unique products from the border of handicraft.