Wood and metal is an elegant combination of styles, increasingly used to complement modern architecture. Well-exposed, natural wood pattern perfectly balances the severity of the surrounding metal and underlines harmony with environment.

Main elements of our metal and wooden gates and fences are metal supporting structures and wooden fillings. Parts made of the second material are rails, fixed in vertical, horizontal or diagonal position. We can also offer the use of wood-like fillings, such as laminated metal rails. Depending on the desired effect, the rails may be mounted openwork, leaving some visibility through the gate or fence, or closely together, completely covering the property.

Gates and fences of this type are made with the greatest care and attention. They are also durable. Metal elements are hot-dip galvanized and powder coated. These technologies guarantee durable protection against corrosion. Rails, usually made of alder or pine, are protected with impregnation. This allows to significantly increase the resistance of wood exposed to weather conditions.

Since we use the highest quality materials and proven production methods, we can guarantee durability of offered gates and fences. In cooperation with customer, we provide comprehensive service including design, measurement, execution, transport and installation. Investor's expectations are as important to us as the standard of service. Therefore, our work visually and in terms of practical properties is tailored to individual needs and tastes.