In the modern world, where low costs and speed of production as well as easy availability of goods are the most important factors, there is less and less space for unique and time-consuming products. However, there are people for whom traditional production methods, artistry and the uniqueness of design are still very important.

The group of people who can appreciate craftsmanship is growing steadily and unique products, which include the effects of blacksmith's work, are gaining in value. Smithery is a craft that can be compared to art. Unlike mass-produced ornaments and accessories, blacksmith's products are uncommon and very durable. And properly exposed, they create a unique atmosphere in the interior or garden.

Therefore, it is even more worthwhile to get acquainted with our offer of smithery products. We offer forged constructions, ornaments, various decorative elements, as well as usable products such as candlesticks or lamps. We also perform renovation of metal objects. Customer satisfaction is as important to us as satisfaction with the work done.

When designing and creating smith's products we combine tradition with modernity. Taking care of high quality and precision of execution, each order is treated individually. We also individually determine the cost of the order. They depend on the scale of the order, complexity of the design, material consumption and working time. Our offer, regardless of whether we cooperate with a company or a private customer, includes project preparation, measurement, transport and installation. We guarantee professionalism and durability of the products, as well as the fact that they will become an impressive and unique decoration of your property, garden or interior of your building.