The balustrade is often one of the first building elements visible from afar. Therefore, it is very important that it fits into the building and combines practical and aesthetic functions. We offer classic balcony, terrace and loggia balustrades, made with the utmost care.

The main task of the balustrade is to ensure safety. However, this does not mean that it cannot be beautiful. We offer precisely made, original and artistically decorated balustrades, which are also a decorative element of the building structure. A wide range of patterns and colours allows us to choose an appropriate balustrade composition both for Customers who appreciate simplicity and love the abundance of forms and motifs. In case of external balustrades - it also allows to match the pattern to the existing fences or gates. In case of internal balustrades - it guarantees achieving consistency with the room's decor.

Our balustrades can be installed in any type of building. We design and manufacture them for private house owners, but we are not afraid of larger investments, such as public or developer buildings.

We guarantee the highest quality and durability of our railings. External balustrades are hot-dip galvanized and powder coated, which protects them from corrosion for many years. The balustrades used inside buildings are powder coated.

In cooperation with the customer, we provide comprehensive service including design, measurement, execution, transport and installation. We always take care of the customer's needs and expectations, adjusting the final product to them. Our railings are made individually, to size, which allows us to maintain high care and attention to detail.