Glass balustrades are gaining popularity and are becoming more and more common way to secure stairs, terrace or balcony. The modern character of this type of construction is complemented by high functionality. Glass balustrades are practical and aesthetic solution, fitting both modern and traditional architecture. Glass balustrades are suitable for all places where an elegant and modern look is required: in a house, a multi-family building, as well as an office building.

Glass balustrades are not inferior to their metal counterparts. Just like constructions made of steel, they are solid, stable and resistant to external conditions. At the same time, projects using glass also allow to present the designer's artistic sense and the artist's craftsmanship and precision. Their undoubted advantage is the ease of keeping the balustrade clean.

The construction of our glass balustrades is made of stainless steel, ground or galvanized and powder coated. The glass filling has mainly decorative function. We use tempered, double-glued, matt, milk or transparent glass of any thickness.

We also offer filling the railing with perforated metal sheets. In this case we offer a selection from a wide range of patterns and shapes of perforations and sheet thicknesses.

We design and manufacture balustrades for private house owners, but we are also not afraid of larger investments, such as public or developer buildings.

We guarantee the highest quality and durability of offered products. In cooperation with the Client, we provide comprehensive service including design, measurements, execution, transport and installation. We always take care of needs and expectations of the customer, matching the final product to them. Our railings are made individually, to size, which allows us to maintain high care and attention to detail.